If you enjoyed the book and are inspired to submit an endorsement, please email us as socofgender@gmail.com. And thanks!

Anonymous student, Amazon.com:

Normally school textbooks are boring!!! However this one is awesome!!!!!

Nora D. Griffin (California State University, Long Beach):

Every single aspect of this textbook was focused, informative, and incredibly engaging. Throughout the semester, my students mentioned numerous times how much they were enjoying each chapter. As an instructor who is passionate about developing creative classroom learning opportunities for my students, this text (and supplemental resources) were an invaluable support.

Jennifer Rothchild (University of Minnesota, Morris):

Wow! This book is one-of-a-kind and a breath of much anticipated and much needed fresh air. Students and professors alike find it accessible and engaging. The links provided are wonderful. The call-outs, images, and stories are terrific for fostering an understanding of gender in today’s world. A huge thank you to Wade and Ferree for delivering such a gift in gender and sexuality sociology!

Steven D. Farbough (Assumption College):

Students really, really like this book. I mean, REALLY. They praise it for clear and engaging writing. One student called the book a “page turner,” a concept that is surely foreign to many a textbook author. It has made my life as their teacher easier and allows me more time to drill down into the details.

Tristan Bridges (SUNY Brockport):

Great textbooks in gender do more than simply explain the field; they offer a story about the field, find compelling examples of research that will excite and engage students, and are written as invitations into new modes of thought.  Wade and Ferrree’s book does all of this and more.  My first time through, I couldn’t put it down.  And my students had the same experience.

Naama Nagar (University of Wisconsin – Madison):

Teachers of gender know the feeling: falling back to binaries in order to ‘make things simple’ for the sake of demonstration. Gender authors succeed in discussing complex ideas using simple, everyday language… Each topic is discussed through an intersectional lens. Examples are drawn from the world of reference of today’s youth—including sports, popular culture, and daily experiences. … I wholeheartedly recommend this textbook, and what’s more—so do my students, who unanimously voted for Gender over different textbooks’ materials I had originally used conjointly with it.

Anonymous instructor, Amazon.com:

The authors respectfully and effectively relate often controversial material to students/readers of different backgrounds. I teach at a predominately white, conservative campus known for its presence of conservative Christians. Even in this context, my students genuinely enjoyed the reading and found the material insightful.

Stephanie Nawyn (Michigan State University):

This is the best gender textbook available for helping students overcome their resistance to seeing gender as a social construct. … It explains the most advanced gender theory in an accessible way.

Janice McCabe (Dartmouth University):

The style is engaging and accessible, yet discusses complex concepts and ideas.  … I would recommend this book to colleagues looking for a smart, engaging, and effective way to illustrate the construction and consequences of the gender binary and gender inequality in our society.


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